What's the benefit of getting my pet groomed?

-Matted hair is uncomfortable.
Unlike cats, dogs aren't always conscientious about the way they look (or smell). However, matted fur can be extremely uncomfortable for a canine. At The Grooming Shop, we'll expertly shampoo and clip these troublesome areas.

-We'll check for fleas.
When you have your dog regularly groomed by The Grooming Shop, you'll give us the opportunity to look for fleas, ticks and other common health issues.

-Dogs love it!
At The Grooming Shop, we're very experienced in making the grooming process enjoyable for your pet. And in our experience, even the dogs who act stressed during the bathing and clipping will be overjoyed with the results afterwards!

What kind of services can you provide my dog/cat?

  • Bathing services
  • Show dog grooming services
  • Dog shaving or clipping services
  • Dog nail trimming services
  • Thorough fur and skin inspection services

What does the grooming process look like for my cat?

We offer grooming services for cats that are totally different from our dog grooming services. We'll make sure your cat is relaxed, then get her up on the grooming table for a quick:

  • Wash - cats like to clean themselves, but we think we do a better job.
  • Dry - we know most kitties aren't huge fans of being wet.
  • Fluff - this process gets all the dead hair off (which saves your black clothing and furniture!)

We offer cat haircuts, too, if your cat needs one.

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