Every Dog Has Its Day

Give yours a great grooming centrally located between North Branch & Cambridge, MN

With 25 years of grooming experience, Krista of The Grooming Shop is the best bet for getting your pet groomed in the North Branch or Cambridge, Minnesota area. Whether your dog's a little smelly or your cat's coat badly needs a trim, we're the company to call first. Call the shop today at 763-689-5522.

Why should you get your dog groomed?

  • Matted hair is uncomfortable. Unlike cats, dogs aren't always conscientious about the way they look (or smell). However, matted fur can be extremely uncomfortable for a canine. At The Grooming Shop, we'll expertly shampoo and clip these troublesome areas.
  • We'll check for fleas. When you have your dog regularly groomed by The Grooming Shop, you'll give us the opportunity to look for fleas, ticks and other common health issues.
  • Dogs love it! At The Grooming Shop, we're very experienced in making the grooming process enjoyable for your pet. And in our experience, even the dogs who act stressed during the bathing and clipping will be overjoyed with the results afterwards!
Contact The Grooming Shop today for your dog's professional grooming. Call 763-689-5522. We are centrally located between North Branch and Cambridge, MN!

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