Send Your Cat to a Purr-fectly Relaxing Grooming Salon

Expert cat grooming centrally located between North Branch & Cambridge, MN

If you're a cat owner, you know how picky cats can be. At The Grooming Shop, we do, too. We offer grooming services for cats that are totally different from our dog grooming services. We'll make sure your cat is relaxed, then get her up on the grooming table for a quick:

Wash - cats like to clean themselves, but we think we do a better job.
Dry - we know most kitties aren't huge fans of being wet.
Fluff - this process gets all the dead hair off (which saves your black clothing and furniture!)

We offer cat haircuts, too, if your cat needs one. Call the cat groomer at 763-689-5522 now to schedule a grooming appointment for your little fur ball.

It's like a spa for your cat

Above all, your kitty needs a calm environment and a short appointment to feel relaxed. The groomers at The Grooming Shop understand this - when you pick your cat up, she'll look and feel great! Visit our pet grooming salon in North Branch, MN today. We are conveniently located close to Cambridge, MN as well.

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