What Can The Grooming Shop Do for You?

Meet a trusted pet groomer serving North Branch & Cambridge, MN

For the last 25 years, Krista Widendorf has helped pet owners keep their furry best friends looking-and smelling-clean and well-groomed. Whether you're a dog lover or a cat fancier, you'll find the top-notch grooming services you've been looking for at The Grooming Shop.

You can trust us with your pet's:

Bathing | Clipping or shaving | Thorough fur and skin inspection

Cleaning up too many hairballs?

If your cat grooms itself-as all cats do-you'll inevitably wind up with a few hairballs. However, you can cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning up afterwards with regular cat grooming. We are located in North Branch & also serve the Cambridge, Minnesota area.

We'll safely and calmly brush, bathe and clip your cat's fur to remove any built-up hair or dead skin. Not only will this leave your cat looking (and smelling) great, but they'll love the results, too!

Ready to make your companion animal look pampered and happy? Get $10 off as a new client of The Grooming Shop! Contact us to schedule your pet's grooming. We are conveniently located between North Brance and Cambridge, Minnesota.

Make your dog the pick of the litter

Whether your dog's the prettiest pooch on the block or handsome only to you, they deserve to look their best when they go for a walk, fetch a ball or simply laze about on the furniture.

At The Grooming Shop, we're committed to providing loving, skilled and health-promoting dog grooming to pet owners in North Branch & Cambridge, Minnesota. Whether your dog's shaggy or short-haired, they'll leave our shop looking clean, happy and refreshed.

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